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Cities of the Mediterranean: From the Ottomans to the Present Day

Edited by Meltem Toksöz and Biray Kolluoğlu
I.B. Tauris

The Eastern Mediterranean is one of the world’s most vibrant and vital commercial centres and for centuries the region’s cities and ports have been at the heart of East-West trade. Taking a full and comprehensive look at the region as a whole rather than isolating individual cities or distinct cultures,Cities of the Mediterranean offers a fresh and original portrait of the entire region, from the 16th century to the present.
In this ambitious inter-disciplinary study, the authors examine the relationships between the Eastern Mediterranean port cities and their hinterlands as well as inland and provincial cities from many different perspectives -- political, economic, international and ecological -- without prioritizing either Ottoman Anatolia, or the Ottoman Balkans, or the Arab provinces in order to think of the Eastern Mediterranean world as a coherent whole. Through its penetrating analysis of the various networks that connected the ports and towns of the Mediterranean and their inhabitants throughout the Ottoman period, Cities of the Mediterranean presents the region as a unified and dynamic community and paves the way for a new understanding of the subject.

Table of Contents
* Mapping Out the Eastern Mediterranean: Toward a Cartography of Cities of Commerce—Biray Kolluoglu Kirli and Meltem Toksöz
* Port-cities in the Belle Epoque—Çaglar Keyder

* Economic and Ecological Change in the Eastern Mediterranean, c. 1550-1850—Faruk Tabak
* Maps and Wars: Charting the Mediterranean in the Sixteenth Century—Carla Keyvanian
* Geographic Theatres, Port Landscapes and Architecture—in the Eastern Mediterranean: Thessaloniki, Alexandria, Izmir, Cristina Pallini
* The Cartography of Harbor Construction in Eastern Mediterranean Cities: Technical and Urban Modernization in the Late Nineteenth Century—Vilma Hastaoglou-Martinidis
* Mental Maps: The Mediterranean Worlds of Two Palestinian Newspapers in the Late Ottoman Period—Johann Büssow
* Adding New Scales of History to the Eastern Mediterranean:Illicit Trade and the Albanian—Isa Blumi
* Educating the Nation: Migration and Acculturation on the two Shores of the Aegean at the Turn of the Twentieth Century—Vangelis Kechriotis
* Global Networks, Regional Hegemony, and Seaport Modernization on the Lower Danube—Constantin Iordachi
* Competition as Rivalry: Izmir during the Great Depression—Eyüp Özveren and Erkan Gürpinar
* The Deep Structures of Mediterranean Modernity—Edmund Burke III
* Notes
* List of Contributors
* Index


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